60+ Nasturtium Recipes ~ Food, Drinks, Remedies & More (2024)

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Nasturtium recipes can be hard to find, and even those gardeners that know nasturtiums are edible tend to just snack on them right out in the field. Bring these tasty blooms (and leaves) indoors with all of these wonderful ways to use nasturtiums.

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Nasturtiums are beautiful, easy to grow annual flowers that brighten up the garden and call all the pollinators to the yard. Not only do they attract pollinators and deter certain pests, but nasturtiums are edible flowers with a bright, peppery flavor.

Both the flowers and leaves are edible. The leaves are similar to spinach or other mild greens, but the flowers are my favorite. They taste a good bit like Sichuan peppercorns, which is one of those spices that’s really hard to describe. Peppery, but not spicy hot, just enough to add intrigue but without any of the “capsaicin” heat you normally associate with hot peppers.

I think they’re wonderful, but if the flavor is too strong for your liking, remove the middle of the flower and only use the petals. The petals themselves are mild since it’s the center of the flower that has most of the flavor. They’ll add bright yellow and orange color to anything from salads to desserts.

While you can eat them right out in the garden, I think they really shine when you bring them into the kitchen and try them in all manner of creative nasturtium recipes.

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Nasturtium Medicinal Uses

Nasturtiums are best known for their peppery taste that is stronger than watercress at times, but many forget that nasturtium flowers have medicinal uses as well. They’re known as an expectorant and disinfectant with antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antibiotic properties.

There are many ways to use nasturtiums in your herbal medicine cabinet. The properties make it useful at treating mild infections and disinfecting wounds and cuts. Since the flowers have expectorant properties, try using nasturtiums to coughs, colds, and other respiratory issues.

If you want to try some nasturtium medicinal uses, here are a few great places to start.

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Nasturtium Salads

Using flowers for the first time in culinary dishes is intimidating. The easiest way to start eating nasturtiums is by adding them to your salads but forget boring salads. Try using these edible flowers in wholesome, flavor-filled salads that leave you wanting more.

Start small and try adding nasturtiums to your regular salads throughout the week. Before long, you’ll crave that peppery flavor and want it in everything that you create. Here are some delicious salad nasturtium recipes that will make your mouth water.

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Nasturtium Main Courses

If nasturtiums work in salads, why not try different nasturtium recipes for dinner or lunch? The peppery flavor works in any meal, including soups, pizza, and seafood dishes. Using nasturtiums in recipes adds a bite of taste or a pop of color that brings the dish to the next level.

I suggest trying some nasturtium dishes after you experiment with salads first. When you use edible flowers as a star of your main dish, the flavor takes center stage. If you aren’t used to the taste, it might be a bit overwhelming. Another idea is to reduce the number of leaves you put into the dish; remember, flowers are a milder flavor.

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Nasturtium Drinks

Don’t be scared to try some of these nasturtium drink recipes. The peppery flavor works well when combined with alcohol. It reminds me of the peppery flavor that makes a Bloody Mary unique and beloved.

If you try a sweeter drink, make sure to use the flower petals to reduce the potent flavor. The sugar tempers out the bite of the pepper while still leaving the flower taste.

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Nasturtium Condiments, Spreads & Preserves

Do you like pepper jelly on crackers or infused vinegar on your salads? If so, the peppery flavor of nasturtiums will become your new favorite addiction. When mixed with other ingredients, you’ll find so many ways to use it.

Don’t knock it; you have to try it.

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Nasturtium Desserts and Baked Goods

Some of the best nasturtium recipes are desserts and baked goods. Edible flowers work great for cookies, cakes, and other yummy recipes. It might seem hard to believe that the flavors work in baked goods, but think about how ginger has a bite but tastes delicious in a cookie.

Don’t let the initial potent flavor of a nasturtium scare you away from trying to use it in desserts. Try experimenting with flavors and finding new dishes to love.

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60+ Nasturtium Recipes ~ Food, Drinks, Remedies & More (2024)


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