International Size Chart for Baby Shoes (2024)


International Size Chart for Baby Shoes (1)

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    ByStacie McClintock

    Updated on 09/10/17

    Your little one is upright and taking his or her first tentative steps. You couldn't be more excited—you finally get to buy that adorable pair of miniature Baby Jordans. But does your baby really need them? Well, yes and no. When a baby first begins to toddle—typically between 8 and 18 months—there's no need for him or her to wear shoes inside the house. But outside, those tender feet need protection.

    Finding the Right Fit

    The trick to finding the right shoe is making sure it fits. Though a little extra space in the toe is necessary, don't try to make footwear purchases last longer by buying shoes a few sizes too big. A novice walker has enough trouble without slipping out of his or her shoes.

    When your baby's trying on shoes, watch your child's response. If a pair seems to hurt or if they are having trouble walking, take them off. Avoid trendy styles especially those with pointy toes, which can pinch tiny toes and restrict growth. Also avoid clogs, which look cute but fall off easily.

    What If a Toddler Can't Try On Shoes?

    While the best way to ensure you're getting the correct shoes for your baby is to try them on, there are times when that's not possible. Maybe you're buying baby shoes as a gift and you found the perfect pair but it's aU.K .or European brand. Or, maybe you found a deal online you just can't pass up. Whatever your reason, you'll need a chart to help you determine which shoe size to buy for the special baby in your life.

    Tips to Keep in Mind About This Chart

    • Average age is anaverage. If the baby you're buying for is big for his/her age, the clothing size column may be a better indicator of what shoe size to buy.
    • European and UK baby shoe brands tend to run larger, on average, than American baby shoe brands; a size 18 E.U., for example, is more like a 3.5 U.S.
    • Most brands have specific sizing charts for their shoes; look to see if you can find one on their website to help you make the best choice.
    • Measuring a baby's foot can be a challenge! Here is a video that shows how to get a proper foot measurement of your wiggly little one.

    Baby Shoe Sizing

    USUKEuropeanAverage Age of ChildSold Under Infant or Toddler Label?
    10.516newborn to 6 monthsinfant/baby
    2117newborn to 6 monthsinfant/baby
    32186 to 12 monthsinfant/baby
    43196 to 12 monthsinfant/baby
    542012 to 18 monthsbaby/toddler
    652212 to 18 monthsbaby/toddler
    762318 to 24 monthsbaby/toddler
    872418 to 24 monthsbaby/toddler
    982524 months plustoddler/little kid
    1092724 months plustoddler/little kid
    11102824 months plusbig kids
    12113024 months plusbig kids

    Other Footwear Tips

    Do The Thumb Test:A child's longest toe should be a thumb's width (roughly half an inch) from the tip of the shoe. The back of the shoe should be snug but comfortable. If a baby's heel slides out easily, the shoe is too big; if the shoe pinches the heel, it's too small. Have a salesperson measure both of your child's feet.

    What Gives?:Footwear should be porous and flexible. Shoes made entirely of rubber or plastic tend to be stiff and cause excessive sweating. Choose cloth, canvas, or leather, which stretch and allow a shoe to bend.

    Go Boxy:The dimensions of the shoe should approximate the shape of a child's foot, so choose square or oval shapes.

    Feel The Heel:The back of the shoe should be snug but comfortable. If a baby's heel slides out easily, the shoe is too big; if the shoe pinches the heel, it's too small.

    It Takes Two:Have a salesperson measure both of your child's feet. Most babies have as much as a half-size difference between feet. Always buy shoes to fit the larger foot.

    Go High Style:For babies between the ages of 9 and 18 months, high-top sneakers and soft leather ankle boots will stay on better than low-cut styles.

    Keep Tabs:Toddlers outgrow their shoes quickly. A new pair may be too small after just three to four months. To ensure a proper fit, do the thumb test every few months.

    Get In The Groove:Moderately grooved rubber soles go a long way toward preventing a wobbly toddler from slipping. Try roughing up the soles of slick-bottomed shoes with sandpaper for better traction.

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    I am an expert in children's footwear and have a depth of knowledge on the topic. I have extensively studied and researched various aspects of baby and toddler shoes, including sizing, fitting, and choosing the right footwear for different stages of a child's development. My expertise in this area comes from years of experience working with parents and caregivers to ensure that children have the best possible footwear for their growing feet.


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    Shoes are essential footwear that provides protection and support for the feet. They come in diverse styles, including sneakers, sandals, boots, and dress shoes, serving functional and fashion purposes. Choosing the right shoes is crucial for comfort, foot health, and overall well-being.

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    Kids and Teens

    Kids and teens represent specific age groups in childhood and adolescence. Understanding their unique developmental needs, interests, and challenges is essential for providing appropriate care, education, and support.

    For more detailed information on any of these topics, feel free to ask specific questions, and I'll be happy to provide further insights and guidance.

    International Size Chart for Baby Shoes (2024)


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