Road to InfoComm 2024: Glensound, Cobalt Make InfoComm Debut (2024)

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Plus, InfoComm brings higher learning to attendees, Scalable Display Technologies celebrates 20 years, and meet Auri.

Road to InfoComm 2024: Glensound, Cobalt Make InfoComm Debut (1)

InfoComm 2024 is a mere days away. Before it heads to the Las Vegas Convention Center on June 8-14, keep you up to date with preshow coverage of new products, events, and insights to expect on the show floor.And don't forget to bookmark the link below for all of SCN's InfoComm 2024 coverage.

[Trends, Technologies, and What to Expect in Vegas]

Glensoundto ExhibitNewAoIPInterface Products

Road to InfoComm 2024: Glensound, Cobalt Make InfoComm Debut (2)

Glensound is exhibiting for the first time at Booth C5120. The AoIP22M, a small format portable unit similar to the very popular AoIP22, will make its debut. It has two analog inputs and outputs to interface to a Dante/AES67 network. The main difference with the AoIP22M is that the inputs are switchable from line to microphone. The DC power input is using USB-C to allow connection to generic plug-top power supplies or USB power banks. Main features include mic/line switchable inputs on XLR or Phoenix connectors, independent 48v phantom power, variable input gain controls, and network connections via a single EtherCON Halo connector. Power options are PoE (Power over Ethernet) in addition to USB-C.

The second debut is the DARK DAWN 1616M. This is the first of a new generation of industry standard, DARK Dante/AES67 interfaces. This update incorporates several key features that have been requested by users. The DARK DAWN range of interfaces are multichannel analog and AES input/output devices intended to be installed in a studio setting where cosmetic appearance is important. The inputs are mic/line/ 48v switchable and power redundancy is featured with GPO fault reporting. Channel gain can be adjusted from the front panel or remotely via GlenController or UDP control on a separate network connection. Network connections can be either Dante or RAVENNA/AES67.

Cobalt to Present Broadcast-Quality, Integrator-Friendly Technology

Road to InfoComm 2024: Glensound, Cobalt Make InfoComm Debut (3)

Cobalt Digital is strengthening its position in the Pro AV market by exhibiting at InfoComm 2024 for the first time at Booth C8483. Cobalt, no stranger to AV, now aims to maximize its presence in the industry by increasing its visibility with a lineup at InfoComm that brings broadcast-quality, cost-effective, integrator friendly and versatile technology to the Pro AV community.

Visitors to the Cobalt booth will see:

  • SAPPHIRE SERIES: Series accommodates a vast variety of applications with form factors ranging from the BBG series of palm-sized mini converters to rack-mounted openGear cards. The SAPPHIRE BBG mini converters are mounted directly behind the monitor, offer high-quality design, function, and reliability in a small package that frees up rack space. The units display received Baseband or JPEG-XS content on HDMI monitors in a simple and cost-effective way, including content from WAN connections.
  • WAVE Family of Multi-Format Routers and Control Panels: COBALT WAVE RTR-64x64 and WAVE RTR-32x32 12G-SDI midsize routers offer unprecedented flexibility and are easily integrated into any variety of applications with support for signals up to 12G-SDI. The high density, crosspoint solutions are contained within a compact 4U chassis and controlled by COBALT WAVE control panels which are available in four models: CP-44, CP-42L, CP-78 and CP-84L.
  • COBALT ARIA OG-AUD4-DANTE : The COBALT ARIA OG-AUD4-DANTE is a 12G 4-channel unit that simultaneously embeds and de-embeds audio between SDI, DANTE, AES and MADI with flexible routing and mixing and built in Frame Synccapabilities. ARIA is ideal for managing audio in large studio facilities, sports venues, concert halls, and houses of worship where many audio channels must be carried, multiplexed, and combined with video.
  • PACIFIC Encoder and Ultra Low-latency Decoder: COBALT PACIFIC 9992-ENC software defined broadcast openGear encoders bring broadcast-grade technology to Pro AV. The software-defined architecture allows up to 4 channels to be added with HEVC video encoding for compression efficiency, while supporting existing MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC. The PACIFIC ULL-DEC card decodes H.262 (MPEG-2), H.264 (AVC) and H.265 (HEVC) and offers a full complement of audio decoding capabilities.
  • BBG-1300-FR RACK: The COBALT BBG-1300-FR openGear frame is ideal for remote applications. The enclosure can house two cards in a split width or 1 card in a standard width rear I/O module. Three units fit onto a single 1 RU tray for maximum.

Scalable Display Technologies Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation

Road to InfoComm 2024: Glensound, Cobalt Make InfoComm Debut (4)

Scalable Display Technologies will be marking its 20th anniversary at InfoComm 2024 welcoming visitors to Booth W664. The foundation of Scalable's technology was developed by Dr. Rajeev Surati and his thesis advisor, Dr. Tom Knight Jr., at MIT. Their pioneering work led to the creation of a camera-based calibration system for projectors. In 1998, MIT filed a patent for this technology, which was subsequently granted in 2002. Scalable was founded in 2004, making the company the original inventor and initial patent holder of camera-based calibration for projectors. The initial technology has become the backbone of Scalable's industry-leading software, enabling automatic calibration of color, intensity and geometry across multiple projectors to create seamless, high-resolution digital displays of unlimited size and shape.

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Since 2004, Scalable has executed projects for brands like Google, partaking in installations like Pier57, and collaborating with institutions, such as the California Academy of Sciences and Ivy League universities. Its extensive portfolio encompasses major brands such as Microsoft, SpaceX, and Lockheed Martin, as well as state-of-the-art projects for the U.S. Military, and both Formula 1 and Formula-E teams for simulation, showcasing its role in shaping projects across diverse industries.In 2006, Scalable achieved a notable milestone by completing its inaugural project with Pixar. Scalable’s technology was licensed to leading OEM projector manufacturers over the subsequent decade, expanding brand recognition and technical integration possibilities.

In 2018, the introduction of color and intensity calibration further solidified Scalable's investment to innovation. In 2021, Scalable expanded its platform's functionality with the launch of Scalable Atlas, an automatic camera-based projector mapping software designed to seamlessly align the images of multiple projectors on complex objects or surfaces. Scalable continues to innovate with their latest product release, Commander. This enhancement provides operators with a simplified interface for both software and hardware control, streamlining the complexity of large multi-projector installations and expanding beyond the role of calibration providers.

Listen Technologies, Ampetronic Showcase the Evolution of Assistive Listening Solutions

Road to InfoComm 2024: Glensound, Cobalt Make InfoComm Debut (5)

Listen Technologies and Ampetronic are bringing their full suite of solutions and a new Auracast broadcast audio-based product to Booth C8935.

Listen Technologies and Ampetronic will preview Auri, a new product they have co-developed. Auri is the first complete, installed assistive listening system utilizing Auracast broadcast audio, a new standard for Bluetooth Low Energy, that will transform the way hearing assistance is delivered in public spaces.

Auracast broadcast audio can broadcast audio simultaneously to an unlimited number of Auracast compatible devices. In spaces where Auracast broadcast audio is available, people with hearing aids, cochlear implants, earbuds, receivers, or other devices that are Auracast compatible will be able to connect to a transmitter and receive high-quality audio without added noise or effects caused by the room environment. This will provide both improved experience and broader inclusivity.

It may take years before Auracast compatible devices are widely available and adopted. Auri is the first generation Auracast broadcast audio-based assistive listening solution that lets venues and end users access the emerging Bluetooth Low Energy Auracast market now.

And be sure to join Tracy Bathurst, chief technology officer at Listen Technologies, and Julian Pieters, managing director at Ampetronic on Wednesday, June 12, at 10:00 a.m. PT in W219/W220, where they will discuss the impact of Auracast on assistive listening provision today and in the future.

Get Higher Learning at InfoComm 2024

Road to InfoComm 2024: Glensound, Cobalt Make InfoComm Debut (6)

As with every InfoComm, education is a major focus. This year, InfoComm 2024 will present Pro AV solutions for learning spaces across the trade show floor, a comprehensive education program featuring the HETMA Higher Education Summit, and tours of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

InfoComm 2024 will feature the two-dayHETMA Higher Education Summiton Monday, June 10 and Tuesday, June 11. The program will feature panel discussions with industry thought leaders and interactive breakout sessions on the latest trends and innovations in higher ed AV. Sessions will focus on leadership and management, in-house integration, and students and AV. The summit is a great opportunity for engaging with fellow university technology professionals, sharing challenges, and learning from others’ successes. Registered HETMA Higher Education Summit attendees also receive a free ticket to the Higher Ed AV Awards on Monday night. The Summit is sponsored by Nureva, ScreenBeam, and WyreStorm.

On Wednesday, June 12, be sure to check out “Adapting to the Future: How to Support the Ever-Evolving Expectations of Your Campus Community." Kevin Reeve from Utah State University will share how the school innovated its campus technology to prepare for the future, key learnings along the way, and the outcomes since implementation. Leaders from Logitech and Zoom will discuss the trends they see on the horizon for student, faculty, and staff collaboration, and how to equip educators and administrators with tools to interact with changing environments more effectively.

Britt Yenser from Northampton Community College will present the session “How to Provide Exceptional AV Services While Relying on Student Staff” on Wednesday, June 12. She’ll share the building blocks for creating a strong and sustainable student staff, including setting and managing expectations, and training in both AV and customer service.

On Thursday, June 13, Lance Ford from Zoom will present the session “Funding Space Enhancements in Higher Ed.” He will share funding mechanisms to assist with implementing emerging technologies in the higher education space.

The Technology Innovation Stage (C8676) will host Trend Forecast: Learning on Wednesday, June 12. This panel discussion will examine hybrid learning as the new normal for education and spotlight strategies for monitoring and remote management for networked AV devices, technologies that work for both students and academics in terms of adoption and understanding, and AV predictions for the next few years. The panelists include Lance Ford from Zoom, Erin Maher-Moran from Johns Hopkins University, Britt Yenser from Northampton Community College, and Kat Taub from Audinate.

InfoComm will host two sold-out Integrated Experience Tours at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Tuesday, June 11. The morning tour will explore UNLV’s Advanced Engineering Building, featuring its Flexatorium—a lecture hall by day and event space by night; the RebelFlex classroom that features both synchronous and asynchronous learning technology, and more. The afternoon tour of UNLV’s Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine will take attendees through the simulation space with standard patient rooms featuring two-way communication, live remote viewing, and recording options; virtual anatomy labs; and an AVoIP solution that connects all academic spaces in the building.

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Road to InfoComm 2024: Glensound, Cobalt Make InfoComm Debut
Road to InfoComm 2024: Glensound, Cobalt Make InfoComm Debut (2024)


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